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Chapter 20 JPEGs

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Figure 20.1
Figure 20.1A
Figure 20.1B
Figure 20.1C
Figure 20.1D
Figure 20.1E
Figure 20.1F
Figure 20.2
Figure 20.2A
Figure 20.2B
Figure 20.2C
Figure 20.2D
Figure 20.2E
Figure 20.3
Figure 20.4
Figure 20.4A
Figure 20.4B
Figure 20.4C
Figure 20.5
Figure 20.5A
Figure 20.5B
Figure 20.6
Figure 20.6A
Figure 20.6B
Figure 20.6C
Figure 20.7
Figure 20.8
Figure 20.8A
Figure 20.8B
Figure 20.9
Figure 20.10
Figure 20.10A
Figure 20.10B
Figure 20.10C,D
Figure 20.10E
Figure 20.10F
Figure 20.11
Figure 20.11A
Figure 20.11B
Figure 20.12
Figure 20.12A
Figure 20.12B
Figure 20.13
Figure 20.14
Figure 20.14A
Figure 20.14B
Figure 20.14C
Figure 20.14D
Figure 20.15
Figure 20.15A
Figure 20.15B
Figure 20.16
Figure 20.16A
Figure 20.16B
Figure 20.17
Figure 20.17A
Figure 20.17B
Figure 20.18
Figure 20.18A
Figure 20.18B
Figure 20.18C
Figure 20.18D
Figure 20.18E
Figure 20.19
Figure 20.19A
Figure 20.19B
Figure 20.19C
Figure 20.19D
Figure 20.19E
Figure 20.20
Figure 20.20A
Figure 20.20B
Figure 20.20C
Figure 20.21
Figure 20.21A,B
Figure 20.21C
Figure 20.22
Figure 20.22A
Figure 20.22B
Figure 20.23
Figure 20.23A
Figure 20.23B
Figure 20.23C
Figure 20.23D
Figure 20.23E
Figure 20.24
Figure 20.24A
Figure 20.24B
Figure 20.24C,D
Figure 20.25
Figure 20.25A
Figure 20.25B
Figure 20.25C
Figure 20.26
Figure 20.27
Figure 20.28
Figure 20.28A
Figure 20.28B
Figure 20.29
Figure 20.30
Figure 20.30A
Figure 20.30B
Figure 20.30C
Figure 20.30D
Figure 20.30E
Figure 20.31
Figure 20.32
Figure 20.32A
Figure 20.32B
Figure 20.32C
Figure 20.33
Figure 20.33A
Figure 20.33B
Figure 20.34
Figure 20.34A,B
Figure 20.34C
Figure 20.35
Figure 20.35A
Figure 20.35B
Figure 20.36
Figure 20.36A
Figure 20.36B
Figure 20.37
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