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QuickTime Movie.Figure 3.3
Neutrophil Chase
Courtesy of the estate of David Rogers, Vanderbilt University

QuickTime Movie.Figure 3.16
Early Embryonic Cell Division

QuickTime Movie.Figure 3.21
Eukaryotic Cell Division
Courtesy of Aaron Straight, Stanford University School of Medicine

QuickTime Movie.Figure 3.33
Myosin Steps
Courtesy of Paul Selvin, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

QuickTime Movie.Figure 10.19
DNA Packaging
Courtesy of Eric Keller, Geordie Martinez, and Michael Dalby of Stylus LLC, Kensington, CA.

QuickTime Movie.Figure 10.37
DNA twist elasticity experiment
Supplementary movie from: Bryant Z, Stone MD, Gore J, Smith SB, Cozzarelli NR, Bustamante C. 2003. "Structural transitions and elasticity from torque measurements on DNA." Nature. 424(6946): 338-341.

QuickTime Movie.Figure 11.25
Force-Induced Tether Formation
Courtesy of Heun Jin Lee, California Institute of Technology

QuickTime Movie.Figure 11.38
Cell Compartments Tomography
Marsh BJ, Mastronarde DN, Buttle KF, Howell KE, McIntosh JR. 2001. "Organellar relationships in the Golgi region of the pancreatic beta cell line, HIT-T15, visualized by high resolution electron tomography." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 98(5):2399-2406.

QuickTime Movie.Figure 13.05
Transport within a nerve cell
Courtesy of Jonathon Howard, Dresden University of Technology

QuickTime Movie.Figure 15.02
Courtesy of Kinneret Keren, Technion—Israel Instute of Technology

QuickTime Movie.Figure 15.03
Courtesy of Julie Theriot, Stanford University School of Medicine, Daniel Portnoy, University of California, Berkeley, and Lisa Cameron, University of Melbourne

QuickTime Movie.Figure 16.09
Gliding Motility Assay with Myosin
Courtesy of James Spudich, Stanford University

QuickTime Movie.Figure 16.10
Kinesin Bead
Courtesy of Jonathon Howard, Dresden University of Technology

QuickTime Movie.Figure 16.41
Transport of Pigment Granules
Courtesy of Gary Borisy, Northwestern University. Supplementary movie from: Rodionov VI, Borisy GG. 1998. "Self-centering in cytoplasmic fragments of melanophores." Mol Biol Cell. 9(7):1613-1615.

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